When it comes to making money online, There is nothing better than online marketplace website or classified ad website. There are several ways to earn money through ads using these websites. All thing depends on your marketing strategy which you are using for your Ads on Classified Website.

People have to be creative to earn money through the classified website. The classified website gives you many to change your website into a cash cow.

In this article, I will mention some of the best ways to boost your ads on different classified website and generate revenue for your business.

Membership or Pay per ads

On Classified website a number of users are more due to which it is very difficult for you to put your ads at the top. And according to the study, most of the user’s open ads which are showing at the top of the site.

So to overcome from this problem you must buy a membership or pay per Ad from the site. This will help you to drive more traffic for your Ads. If you buy a membership you have to post your ads on the regular basis. But if you buy pay per ads then you have to not post your same ads on regular basis. And the risk is also lower in Pay per click ads then the membership subscription.

Bump Ads

Bump Ads features help you to put your ads again at the top of the category listing. As I have said you earlier people loves to visit ads which are on the top of the category. So as an advertiser it is important to keep your ads on the top so that you can gain more traffic for your ads.

Advertising Banner

If you want to improve your ads SEO and want to earn money at the same time then you must considered Advertising Banner. Because advertising Banner usually takes good care of content and give you the option to write unique product descriptions. This will help you to launch your ads in a new attractive way in front of your audience.

Featured Ads

As an advertiser, you must go for Feature ads. This offers you to stand out of the other Ads . Featured ads draw more attention and help you to gain more click through rate, So it increases the visitor’s rate for your ads on the websites.

Mobile Friendly Ads

Whenever you post Ads on the Classified website always keep in mind that your ads should be user-friendly. Because Mobile friendly ads will help you to target more audience. And almost every classified website having their mobile app. So it is very important to make ads according to the requirement for mobile.


Advertisers are spending much time on the classified website. To salel their products. But using right marketing strategy will help you to spend less time and generate more revenue for your business. The above point is the basic steps that you should always keep in mind while posting ads on the classified website.

To increase your sale more frequently you can use marketing software. Which help you to handle your all steps from posting to boosting of your ads through one platform.

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