With no doubt, Gumtree is the most visited site in the United Kingdom and is termed as #1 classified website, the place which allows viewers to earn and sell their products online. Also, there are people who are efficiently able to make some bucks just by taking the advantage of the features of Gumtree.

Yes, people use to sell their extra things or the unused things online and earn money from that. Now you might be thinking why to earn money by selling your household items, right? Well, I would like to point out on the fact that it is usually beneficial for the newly married couples, for the parents who have children, then for the person who just wants to sell his or her old bike to get the new one. The reason may vary from person to person and for their need.

It happens many a time that the newly married couple has to receive a same kind of gift twice or thrice. In that case, they can sell them online and can get some amount which they can use for some other work. The old toys of children which are now no use as they might be kept in a corner for your house. Why collect the huge unused things in your house? Better to sell them and earn profits out of that.

Well, these were some of the points which I wish to point out. Now moving on the ways to escalate the feature of Gumtree. But before that let us discuss, what are the features of Gumtree.  


Features of Gumtree


  • Gumtree provides you the better mode of communication. As you are able to get the phone numbers even the mail IDs. With no compulsion of having an account on Gumtree.
  • You are able to post your ads for free.
  • Also, you are able to have a transferring site up to 10 pictures that to free.
  • No need to go for account creation on Gumtree as you can post easily.


These were some of the features of Gumtree. Now the term comes how to escalate the features of Gumtree? So for this, you can take help of the automation tool which can help you escalate your work on Gumtree. Let us move to one of such tool which is GumtreeDominator.

Features of GumtreeDominator



Features of GumtreeDominator


The above mentioned are the features of this automation tool. But for using this automation tool,  you have to create your account so that you can escalate your business. Now let us go through some of the features.


Post Ad Scheduler


Post Ad Scheduler


This module helps you to post an ad scheduler. Here you have to mention some of your details like your Email ID and password, Pincode. Then you can select your price if you wish to sell some products. Then comes the requirement of filling the category section where you have to select the category, mention the date in the same format it is asked to fill, your contact number. Additional to that you are able to insert the video link, mention the description and the registration number.

When you are done with these then click on continue.


Post Ad


The advantage of using GumtreeDominator to make your post is that you can get the details of all your posts made and if you are unable to find then for that you are having a refresh option. All you can delete the selected row and can clear data too. When you have reviewed all your posts then can click on post ad button and your posts will be posted.


Over to you


If you willing wish to escalate your business on Gumtree then the use of this automation tool will never let you down. Hope I was able to explain you the same.

For the details of other features, you can visit our blog on GumtreeDominator and don’t forget to share your views on this post and feel free to ask about any query if you have some. We would love to answer them.  


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