Back from the legacy of being the most visited site in the UK, Gumtree is now also extending its legs in other countries like Poland, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Hong Kong. It also has the honor of being the #1 classifieds site in the UK. It has also aimed to surpass Facebook and Google as UK’s biggest digital brand. If we talk only about the UK, it has 15.3 million users. This means that the brand has been too functional. They are making constant changes in the Gumtree for marketing.


Gumtree is a place that can help you to get a job, discover you a place to live, make a wage for your family or pay for an occasion. You can frame and conceptualize the groundbreaking open doors that Gumtree can make for clients keeping in mind the end goal to interface all the more sincerely with the gathering of people.

It is additionally simple on the eyes and is by all accounts reasonably easy to understand. The site appears to have an exceptionally faithful U.K. following. They make a really great job of getting feedback from the users. This is most similar to the eBay classifieds here in the states.

Gumtree classifieds adverts (goods for sale) is one of the biggest classification that pulls in up to 2 million promotions being each month, alongside being a favored goal for around 200,000 motors postings over the UK at whatever time.

What Are the Features that Make Gumtree so Special?

You can utilize different features to make your promotion emerge in the postings. You will have the chance to get more visibility and a superior chance at the offering.

  • Here the clients can see seller’s telephone number or email ID that too without having the account in Gumtree.
  • It’s totally free posting ordered sites.
  • Free transferring site up to 10 pictures.
  • Users can post promotions without having the account in Gumtree.


How to Feature Your Ad?

You can feature your ad at whatever point you like. A few people do it when they post a brand new ad. But you can post a standard advertisement and later feature it if you feel you are not getting the enough response that you wanted.

There are two approaches to feature your ad. Discover the promotion you need to include in your ‘Manage my ads’ page. You can either tap on the ‘Promote’ button or ‘Edit’ button at the side.

The difference is that ‘Promote’ gives you a chance to highlight the promotion without getting to it specifically.

‘Edit’ alternatives open the advertisement and give you a chance to pick the element you need, additionally gives you a chance to change different parts of the promotion too.

Limitations of Featuring Ads

Once you feature your ad, they won’t refund you in the event that you alter your opinion. Ensure to pick the one that you need. Likewise, you won’t be able to remove the feature from the ad or to exchange it to another ad.  

These all system will get a whole lot easier when you start using automation tool like GumtreeDominator. This is classified ad software that is specially designed to get data for respective niches. This lets the businesses to get targeted audience.


From the above discussion, you might have got familiar with the importance of featuring ads on Gumtree. Ads always play a crucial part in the development. You have to stick to some strict rules and be clever to represent ads to your customers. This is the main key to success on Gumtree.

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