Being an investor your target should be towards generating leads for your products. And how effectively you can get connected with the customers who are actually interested for your sale. The thing which can help you on this is Gumtree. It is providing the way to fulfill customer’s dream, the way to explore and grow your sales.

This avails you with the facility to save money while making a purchase. The platform to get connected with different customers through your sales.

Here I am presenting some of the stories and features which will inspire you to use Gumtree.



Many families have the dream to have their own vehicle. But they are not able to buy the same because of financial issues. This site also allows you to buy second hand. For some customers, it would play to role of the path, which can lead them to their dream. The things which might not be of your use now can sell them from this site.

In January a survey was conducted. Gumtree had teamed up with Tums2Tots Online which has been answered by hundreds of South African mother’s regarding the amount which they have purchased as the baby’s goods but are not actually using them.

It was found that at least 10% of women had purchased goods of at least ZAR 4000 (South African Rand) during the first few year of their baby’s birth. These are the goods which have been grounded to their garage or any spare room.

When people find these items online for sale the first thought which strikes in people’s mind is No Thanks. But in the survey, it has convinced that these are items which are actually there to store and not to use. So if the purpose is just to show, then why not to buy second hand.

It was found that (for example let’s consider the car seat) the car seat which can actually cost you ZAR 3000 (the brand new) can buy them only for ZAR 1000 in second hand.

This can show you the actual amount which you can save on your purchase of second-hand items. Gumtree also offers Kid’s Guide which can show the comparison in the price of the kid’s good and you can purchase them from there.



Gumtree has pioneered a new stock management system which will for sure give a powerful and affordable competitive corner for the small and medium businesses.

It has provided the startup for many small businesses. Gumtree’s tool named as the ProTool for Goods has now allowed the smaller businesses to use the online business platform efficiently as it cost non-contractual for month to month with fees of ZAR 225.

Also, it allows users to follow their stock with full track. This tracking includes the information like when was the item being sold, when you can find the best day for you sales, displays margin and much more.

ProTool for goods had now aimed to change into go-to inventory management system for the small and medium businesses of South Africa. It is the second ProTool platform and for the future, it would be ProTool for jobs.


Hope you are able to feel the importance of Gumtree in your life. At the end I would like to say that if my suggestion is considered I would suggest you to make use of GumtreeDominator. Once you go through the features you will get an idea about how efficient the features are.

If you are using the same and want to boost up your sales and traffic, can refer to the features and blogs related to GumtreeDominator. Share your experience via comment in the below comment box.

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