Gumtree is one of the most popular classified websites. Around 18.1 million unique visitors visit this site for different purposes like searching for goods, Jobs, cars, and house. Gumtree reaches a highly desirable audience for businesses.

Gumtree Team added lots of new advanced features which make your advertising easier. These features are added to give users the better experience in their different field for which they want to use Gumtree.

In this article, I will explain some of the most important features of the Gumtree which will help you to get your goal easily for which you are using Gumtree one of the popular classified websites?

Classified Features of Gumtree

This section of Gumtree contains a different option for the advertisement where the people come to advertise their product , advertise for jobs, motors property and much more.

There is a different subsection of Classified Features. Like Job, Motors, Property, Services. Let me start with the first subheading that is:

Job Account: If you advertise for any job on gumtree and you need perfect candidates for your job. You must have Job Account. The benefits of having Job account is the Gumtree will ensure you receive the right response and find the perfect candidates.

Moto Account: Gumtree is the biggest platform to promote your ads. Because it helps you to connect with 1.7 million of people. And to make ads for your product on this larger platforms. Your ads must be attractive and creative. For this Moto Account is very important. Moto Account is the ideal platform to advertise to potential users. And through this account, you can find out how to promote ads to generate more traffic for your ads.

Property Account: If you having the property account. It will help you to find the customer who is related to your ads. And people can easily find you. And Gumtree is the biggest rentals site in the UK.

Service Account: For getting easily updates about the different services on Gumtree. Services account play a vital role. Using this account you will receive the right response from the customer based on your products.

Self Service Ads

Gumtree’s this features will help you to make creative and attractive ads for your product. Using this features you can create ads on Gumtree in a minute. It will help you to manage your ads with Gumtree self-serve function. You have to follow simple steps to generate traffic for your ads.

  • Upload or create your own banner Ads.
  • Set a price for your Ads.
  • Choose the right category and geography for your product Ads.
  • Check out and Pay with any credit card.


This features will help you to look deeper into your customer. You can get the different type of data related to your customers. Like who view your Ads and much more. This feature mainly focuses on mobile usability.


Using right marketing strategy for your Ads on Gumtree will help you to generate more revenue for your business on Gumtree. Using the above-advanced features will help you to get right people for your products.

To generate more leads in your business on Gumtree you can use GumtreeDominator. It is a marketing software which will help you to handle all the above features from single platforms and help your Ads to meet more people in short period of time

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