Gumtree is a very well-known classified ads website which connects 1.3 million customers every month.

Do you want to know how using Gumtree ads to gain profit? Here, I will discuss all the important points which can help you get more leads on business.

Why is Gumtree marketer’s first choice?

Many small businesses had their start on Gumtree and with this classified ads website, they got the maximum sales lead. Businesses have been making good use of Gumtree as a marketing platform and this may be one of the reasons for what Gumtree gets more than 8 million unique visitors monthly.


I know a solution for the marketers to manage Gumtree account in the best way. GumtreeDominator is a very popular software which has reduced the effort of Gumtree marketers.

The most numerous of features of the tool are there which can boost up marketer’s strategy and uplift the level of leads. The features are right below.

1: Gumtree Scraper

With this feature, a user can scrape all the details and other information about their Gumtree audiences. It has multiple filtering options which also helps the marketer to reach the exact prospect. As this classified website is mainly used in the UK and Australia, hence the software has the two different options for this country’s people to search any item.

Here is the stepwise process if a user would opt for the UK.

Step 1: Firstly, mark the option whether you want to select states_cities or just cities.

Step 2: Next, select cities by your choice and also Select the categories of your ad.

Step 3: Tick on day wise filter and refine your search.

Step 4: Finally, click the start button to search the selected item.


2:  Gumtree Data

Doesn’t matter whether you have all the information about Gumtree audiences, but again, you have to maintain all the details. With this particular feature, the user can keep all the information synchronized.

Here is the stepwise process to fetch Gumtree scrapped data.

Step 1: Choose the column Gumtree scraping data first.

Step 2: Fill the amount of data passed.

Step 3: next fill the other details like campaign, category, URL, title, name, phone number, state, and cities.


3: Post an Ad

Like other descriptive features, this feature is also important. This particular feature deal with the details of the scheduled ads. Here you need to post the scheduled ads automatically. The toll GumtreeDominator has a separate column for the UK and Australia. Where the user can post an ad scheduler and then post it. For knowing the process, see the process described below.

1st Step: Select the option Post-Ad scheduler to schedule your ad on Gumtree.

2nd Step: Then fill the login details by Email ID, phone number, the price of the ad, postcode, and others to start accessing your Gumtree account.

3rd Step: Now fill the category of your product to make people prefer to choose the product category wise.

4th Step: Give the appropriate title to your product with which your product could attract viewer’s attraction.

5th Step: You need to fill the description about your product here and more even you can attach a YouTube video link to the item.

6th Step: Fill the contact name of the ad by browsing the file.

7th Step: Upload the image here by browsing it and continue it to post as well as share with your audiences.


Wrapping words

The blog is to let you know about the importance of Gumtree and how can you easily manage your Gumtree account with a tool “GumtreeDominator”. The different features of GumtreeDominator have been described briefly and each step is there making your concern with the software keenly.

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