Most of the people are loving Gumtree and have made it as their favorite website. I am also one of them. Gumtree is my favorite website and has used this website effectively for boosting my business. Here, I want to share my experience of how one can use gumtree effectively….But before the start…

Have you ever heard about this?

Do you know how to use it?

Do you have any idea regarding the use of Gumtree?

Hold on!!! We are here to help you in the same. It’s the time to check it out if you have never heard about it. Let’s go for it.

Twenty years back, when you were in the market to buy a secondhand good, then you went to a secondhand shop and start bargaining. You checked the trading posts. In that time every week, thousands of families would have to go to the newsagent to get the updates in every early Saturday. They look around the newspaper to see the best bargains. Many sellers and dealers need to do a phone call to beat the competitors in that time. It was exactly like a sport for the traders at that instant.

Shop Using Gumtree

Just compare that day to our present day. You can see the drastic change in that day and in the present day. Nowadays you are having wonderful websites like Gumtree in which you can do your needs efficiently. From these sites, you can get the ads within hours. Now you can search for particular items in a short period of time. You can get the idea quickly what other people are requesting for. Now you are able to get the search items and needs within a minute. Just now I got an appreciation from one of my clients as I could be able to get the orders in few times and that client got satisfied too. 🙂

Maybe Gumtree can seem too difficult for the new users and the tech-phones. But it is too easy if you once got the procedure and the processes. One software is there which is used to do the entire process more easily and quickly and that is none other than “GumtreeDominator”. It will be easy for you just like 1-2-3 if you are using GumtreeDominator. Are you interested on Gumtree? Do you want to know more about this? Well, let’s talk about it.

How to use Gumtree?

#1. Create an account:

It is a common thing that if you are creating an account for any site, you need an email address, a new password, and your name. That’s it. Keep in mind one thing that the email id which you are using should be the most commonly used email id. It should not be the junk email id. That email id should be workable and that should be common. So that when you want to sell something, you can get the update and notification straight away.

Create an account in Gumtree

In this case, if you are using GumtreeDominator then it will make your work easier and quicker. The features of GumtreeDominator have made it more popular and wide. Using this software you can do the same ASAP.

#2. Post an advertisement:

Click on the option “Post an ad”. After clicking, it will show the promotional options. After that choose your group, category, and option (whether you want to buy or sell).

Post an ad

After filling all the promotional options, you will enter into the next page. In the next page, you will get a screen where you need to fill the details. There you have to mention the price, name of ad and description (regarding that ad). If you want to sell a product and you are in hurry, then you can do the same in just one step and can sell your product ASAP. Just have a look at the below image. You can get the same in a better way.

 Post an ad

I have given another SS as an example. Have a look;

Example of posting an ad

Take photos of your product from every angle. More pictures you upload, less description you need to give. So take 4 to 6 pictures. So that the buyer can check your product clearly and can be able to get the same in a better way. Take pictures and upload them.

After that give a cross check to your contact details and email id whether it is correct or not. Give your details incorrect manner just like the example given below in the nxt image;

Put your details

This is all about the process of using Gumtree. But in this case, if you are using the software GumtreeDominator then you can use its features to get the same in a better way. Using its campaign and scraper features, you can make your selling process easier. If you are using these features, you can do the same in a short period of time. The features of GumtreeDominator are updated and developed

#3. How to buy?

In case if you want to buy a product then how to do so? Well, just check out the image which is given below.

How to buy using Gumtree

Check the details and fill the needs. Click on the payment option and give your details. Just do the process as you often do in online payment. Still, if you are new to online payment, then Gumtree will help you for sure. It makes these steps easier for you.

Wrapping Words: 

In case if you want to delete your ad if it is sold, then no need to do much. Just click on the delete option, and you are as will be deleted. Still, if all these are looking complicated and you are still confused then use the best software ever “GumtreeDominator” which will help you in the same.


GumtreeDominator is a tool which helps to put an ad and makes all the procedures easier and simple. You can scrap an order using GumtreeDominator easily and you can enhance the selling capability using this too. For more details, have a look on our site:

Thank you for reading my post. Hope I would be able clear your confusions regarding Gumtree and GumtreeDominator somehow. If you want to know more about Gumtree, then click here: you will get many other blogs which will help you to understand in a better way.

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