It is quite obvious that people nowadays have great zeal to explore something new which they haven’t tried yet, isn’t? But sometimes the situation is that they love to have those things which they cannot afford. And this encourages them to go for buying the second hand things. And nothing is wrong in that.

As everything you do is only to give yourself pleasure and to show off others and no one can deny this. As the world runs on this concept, isn’t? So now the point to think is that where you will find those second hand things? On which site you can trust on? The answer to this confusion is Gumtree.

According to Wikipedia Gumtree is defined as,

“, known as Gumtree, is a British online classifieds and community website. Classified ads are either free or paid for depending on the product category and the geographical market.”


Well, it is the best place to find second hand things. It allows you to buy and sell products online. There are many countries who are earning their income from this site. Well, to let you know from a survey it was found that South Africa has announced that second hand economy is flourishing in a local market. They said that 95% response was in favor that people will opt or have bought second hand vehicles and things in 2017.

The analysis noticed the differences between age groups and gender in terms of second hand shopping. The stats say that men are more interested in buying goods and reselling the same for gaining profits whereas 10% women say that they buy second hand goods to support communities which are opposed by 1% men.


Stats related to second hand sales


For men


41% of them has purchased second hand cellphones, 38% of furniture and 39% of computers the last year.


For women


42% of them has purchased appliances and goods, 35% decor, 25% of baby goods and 50% furniture.

Social media has also played a great role for the marketplaces. Around 48% of people use social media (especially women) and around 72% of the majority still uses online classified ads for selling as well as buying goods.

In accordance to Claire Cobbledick, the stats can vary according to their age groups. He says that 26 to 35 years age group people opt second hand goods which they wish to have. 36 to 55 years age group people may afford the retail price but opt not to go for that. And 56+ age group people buy second hand items once a year. If we consider millennials they pointed that they go for this at least once in a month.

Now the thing to think off is, if anyone wish to business on Gumtree then how he or she can do the same? Well, you might have to sell more than one thing I guess and it is not possible to spend individual time on mentioning each and every detail of the goods. So here you can move on to the automation tool. Yes, GumtreeDominator is the automation tool which can make your work easy. Let’s check out how?


Features of GumtreeDominator


Post Ad Scheduler


Post Ad Scheduler


This module allows you to post different ads. You just have to mention all the required login details such as Email Id, password, postcode, price, your phone number, etc. Then from select a category option, you need to select the category of your product. Then you need to mention the title, date and contact number. Also, you can add descriptions either through youtube video or images. Then mention the registration number and finally mention the seller type and mention the image path if required. Then click on continue.

Now you will go for post ad feature.


Post Ad


Post Ad


This module helps you to get the every detail of goods which you have posted on the site. From here you can add, edit or delete any ad if needed. And when you are done with your posting details then finally you can post your ads for different goods without any difficulty. Or can also stop your ad post if needed. When done click on Post ad option.

Not only this you are also allowed to scrape data, change settings, reply to ads, edit DBC settings and much more.


Over to you   


Hope I was clear on my words to explain you the same. Share your views on this blog post and do follow our blog on GumtreeDominator for more updates on its features.


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