We all know that Gumtree is a site which is always there for helping you on your sales activities. This site provides you the platform to get the best in the least. Many a time people try to make money by posting the ad of their products but are unable to get the desired result. This is so because the place which is the best for your sales is neglected.

Don’t worry if you had experienced the same. I am here to inform you the best place to showcase your products for sale, the place which can reach your expectations. The place is Gumtree.

Now your wait ends!! So here are some interesting ways to make money and the efficient use the same.

How can newlyweds make money?

How to Make Money and Use Gumtree Features Efficiently?

It was found many a time that many newly married couple stop saving and start investing about which they are unaware of. It was found in the survey that 40% of couples receive the gifts which are of no use to them also sometimes the duplicate gifts. And about 70% of them responded that they recognized that they can sell them online.

Claire Cobbledick said that the newlywedss are cash strapped and a survey revealed that almost one-third of them can make nearly ZAR 5,000 to ZAR 10,000 just by recycling the surplus wedding gifts on the online trading site. The trade includes crockery, cutlery, dinner set and appliances. And can gain more too.

She also points to the fact that newlywedss can gain cash from the products which are duplicated, as the two separate houses have merged into one. These duplicated items may be your book shelves, couch, beds, garden furniture and much more. These are some of the examples of those common items which might get duplicated and can worth over R20,000 on Gumtree.

How to Use Gumtree?

Good description of the Products

Good description of the Product
Once you are done with your selected items you are to make a good description of your product. So that you are able to impress your buyers. Once you succeed in the first part of making a good impression of your product, are can manage to sell the same and make money.

Now you are able to find Various Options

Now you are able to find Various Options
Now you are able to find various options to make your posting ads and also buying activities easy. Here in the screenshot, you are able to find few option on the same like you can post your ad, edit your ads, urgent ads also you are able to mention your problems while posting. If you didn’t get the desired result from your product, now you have the option to edits them and can make the desired changes which can gain you profit.

Why to place your ad post on other sites when Gumtree is present there to provide you the best profit. Moreover, if you are not able to manage your advertisements activities then for that I would like to introduce you to the tool which can help you on the same. The tool is GumtreeDominator. It has various advertisement features and can get you the best ever results on your posts. Make use of this dominator and experience the change in your profit.


These were some of the features which you can find in Gumtree and can make use of the same to make money. Hope you are able to understand the bottom point of this post. Also, you can refer to the blogs on GumtreeDominator for clarifying your doubts, if any.
Mention your experience on this blog via a comment in the comment box below.

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