The improvement in technology has changed our way of online trading thus has made the services and products easier. We can say that amongst SME’s the online classified sites are getting popular.

According to a recent survey, it was found that one-third of the users are professional sellers on sites. And as the things are changing drastically, the importance of online presence is developing but every one of us can’t afford this.  

Many people have used Gumtree among them Judith Ward is the one who is using Gumtree for past 8 years in order to get items for home decor and antique furniture.

Ward with her experience of 3000 ads, has pointed tips on how one can generate a leads on busy but the popular sites.  

Here are the lists of things which can help you to make your online sale better.

1. A crystal clear picture

If you want to get a potential customer then prefer presenting a crystal clear picture. As customers want to see the exact picture of what you are selling.

2. Mention about defects


 Mention about defects


Many a time it is found that customers avoid purchasing online as they are unable to know about defects in the purchased products. So if want that your customers should have faith in their purchase then inform them beforehand about any defects in their purchased products. This will give a great impact on your reputation.

3. Ad maintenance is needed

One cannot leave their ad as it is, just by posting. As it may get buried. Try to promote your ads on Gumtree using the best ad features.   

4. Focus on the location


Focus on the location


Never forget to show your location. Some people start inquiring the logistics when they find the seller is situated far from their place.

5. Catch up the leads


Catch up the leads


The moment you find some customer showing interest in your product ad, respond to them or make a call. This will help your customers to have a feeling of great customer service.

Also, I would suggest you take advantage of the categories provided to you. You can consider any of the categories for sale, motors, property, jobs, services, pets, and community. If you consider the category of sales, there you can find about 1,258,522 sales and so on for the other categories.

Moving on to the filters. You can find 4 types of filters there and according to your need you can choose any. They are urgent ads, featured ads, ads with pictures and search title and description.

Now I would like to present you the recent ads which are being posted on Gumtree.

Recent ads

Over to you


Now here are the tricks to make your online sales better. As we all know that it is an online classified ad where you are free to make posts so now use the above tricks and make a great advantage of that.  

Hope you are able to make a great advantage of these points. And don’t forget to share your views on this blog post. Feel free to share any suggestions, (if any) we would love to know some.

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