It’s quite easy to sell our used product on classified ad websites these days. I found Gumtree as the easiest website to advertise used products. Mostly this classified website is used in Australia and the UK.




If you want to buy some pre-owned goods in less price than Gumtree is the perfect website to use. It’s absolutely free website, a most powerful channel connecting seller and customer in the most convenient way.

Gumtree Singapore

Gumtree is the most popular classified website in Singapore, it is also the largest classified ad website there. This website has won the title of Singapore’s number one free classified website which provides excellent classified ads services, connecting thousands of seller and customer every month.

Besides Singapore, Gumtree is widely used in other countries such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Want to know the Features of Gumtree?

1: Here, users can easily view seller’s phone number or email ID via contact form without having any account on Gumtree.

2: Gumtree users can post ads without having any account.

3: It’s absolutely free posting classified website.

4: Free uploading website up to 10 images.

5: It’s friendly user-interface website, searching ads and posting ads option are also simple to use.

6: In Singapore, Gumtree app is available for both the android as well as IOS devices. It is much convenient for mobile users.

How to post ads on Gumtree website?

You may find difficult to manage each and every activity on your Gumtree account. Especially while posting ads you may find huge congestion there. Hence, a Gumtree marketing software will help you in the best way by automatically posting ads on Gumtree.

GumtreeDominator is one of the best tools to manage Gumtree account. With its different useful features, you can make things done faster. It’s easier to work with and most importantly it’s less time-consuming way.

Schedule your Gumtree Ad

With the feature of Post-Ad scheduler, you can schedule your ad to post it later by scheduling the time. By this way, you can deliver to the targeted customer. See the steps below to use this feature.

Step 1: Firstly select the option Post-Ad scheduler and schedule your ad on Gumtree.

Step 2: Fill the login details by Email Id, contact number, the price of the ad, postcode, and others.

Step 3: Fill the category of your product to make people prefer for choosing their desired product category-wise.

Step 4: give the suitable title to your product to attract viewer’s attention.

Step 5: Now fill the description of the product and you can attach any YouTube link to the product.

Step 6: Fill the contact name of the ad by browsing the file.

Step 7: Finally upload the image here by browsing it and continue it to post and also share with your audience.


Post your Ads Automatically with GumtreeDominator

This particular feature deals with the schedule ad’s detail. You just need to post the scheduled ads automatically. Here are the steps described below.

Step 1: Go to the topmost section to select a campaign.

Step 2: Now click on the post-ad option.

Step 3: Before posting an ad, you can refresh the data, clear the data or can delete a row.

Step 4: In this section, your ad related information is displayed with Id, email Id, campaign, category and others.

Step 5: Lastly, post the ad by clicking on the last button.




Final words

The more we are updated with technology the more we will gain profit on our business. Classified as sites like Gumtree has many useful functions for your business. With the help of Gumtree marketing tool “GumtreeDominator,” you can make your work much simple and convenient.

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