Looking for a new house for a really cheap rate and don’t want to get in the hassle of brokers? Want to buy a new car but don’t have enough money to spend for it. Then we have a one stop solution for all your needs and it can be very helpful for you to meet the genuine buyers who are interested in buying your products for a cheap rate. This site is called the Gumtree which is based in the UK and expanded itself into an international classified ads but not just in the UK but in places like Australia, New Zealand, Europe, United States and Canada.

Gumtree was started out as a classified ad by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall when they started it in London. In 2005 ebay bought off the site and because of it, it managed to attain a large number of clients from around the world itself. It helped in catering different people from different nationalities of South Africa, Hong Kong New Zealand and Australia.

It has a large number of advertisements in them which is approximately 200,000 motor listings all over the UK, it has a very large presence in the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.. with a million followers in them. The gumtree classified uses social media to communicate with the users of social media as well. In gumtree majority of the users have been using it for the sake of the job opportunities it provides to the users.

Lets have an overlook on the website

  1.  This is how the homepage looks of the website.
    home page of the site
  2. This textbox inputs the search of the corresponding query you requested for.
    search query
  3. Here are the search results which are displayed based on your requirement and needs.
    search results
  4. Various filters can be performed here based on your necessity
    filters for search


If there is anyone out there looking for a cheap bargain in these products then you have come to the right website which will give you all the avenues and wide range of options to choose from, whichever is convenient for you.

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