How to make money? One of the most important concerns of every people nowadays. Well, I must say that if you are interested in sales and marketing then you are having a great option to make money through online marketing. Yes, gumtree is providing you a great opportunity for buying and selling.

There are many people who are earning their livelihood through online marketing and Gumtree has become the best option for them. You can use a trial and error method to learn how to make the best marketing strategy.

So if you are a concern for Buying then I have some points for you.




1. Payment for the products

I would highly recommend you not to deposit money directly into the account of the advertiser prefer paying them in hand when you receive your product.  It is found that an awful duping going on, online. It is also found that people pay for such things which have no real existence. The fraud is so high that the frauders provide a number with which they use to chat with you but when the money has been transferred then the number is ceased. Please be conscious with such frauders.  

Well, you can avoid this by meeting the advertiser in public place, you with your cash and the advertiser with the goods. But if you are opting for the online service then, in that case, do some kind of research and be sure with the website security. The URL will start with “ https:// ” instead of “ http:// ”.

2. Set the email alerts

You can set the email alerts which can help you to receive the latest advertisements category which you wish to search. This is quite handy for searching jobs or house-hunting. You can the option of ads on the left side of the page. And at the end of that column, you will find the option to set alerts.

3. Prefer searching for the advertiser’s other ads

I prefer to look for the other ads of the advertisers it worth checking them. You can search from when s/he is selling, what are the goods  s/he selling. You can click on “view poster’s other ads link” from the right corner of the page.

4. Judge the price of the product

Before purchasing you can make a search for the other online ads make a judgment about the price of the goods from the other sites and accordingly decide from where you can buy your product.

5. Ask for any offer

There is no worth in asking about the offers, as we know that if we won’t ask we won’t get. You can ask for this after completing your research. This can be quite effective when:

You might have seen other similar products repeatedly, in the lower price.

If you can sense some kind of urgency in the sell.

This was all about buying also if you are interested in selling the consider the below-mentioned points.




1. Compose your ads carefully

If you are not a skilled copywriter in this field then can transform yourself in potential buyers. You can put on some questions like what are you looking for this product or service? What features and benefits you are asking for this products? Likewise, you can make your path clear from the buyer’s perspective.   

2. Prefer providing pictures

As we all know that pictures speak a thousand words. If by chance you are not having pictures of your products then prefer speaking with your visual buyer. If you belong to some company you can use the logo of your company. And if you manage to get the picture of your products then prefer showing from the different angles and sides and upload as many as allowed. Also, it was found that ads with the views for the products have a great engagement than the one without.

3. Use keywords

Try to use keywords in your ad post, which your buyers would like to search. As the search feature is another way to make your product search easy and increase the visibility of your products. Gumtree ads are shown in Google, so take advantage of that.

4. Apply KISS rule

Hey! KISS means Keep It Simply, Silly. This is applied for your ads copy, font sizing, highlighting, bolding and other available options in WYSIWYG editing feature. Using bolding feature and highlighting in yellow is quite effective. This WYSIWYG editing feature isn’t available on Chrome so prefer using Firefox to place your ads on Gumtree.   


These were some of the points which one can use for buying and selling on Gumtree. Hope this blog will help you a lot in your business procedure on Gumtree.

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