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Then you are on the right track of your search.

As we all know that Gumtree is also termed as “Goods for Sale” it is also known to be the home for around 2 lakhs motors list across the UK. It has its presence on Twitter and Facebook.

I believe that if you want to use some product or software or anything on which you are investing to experience the return results, you should have a little bit idea about the same.

It was founded in the year 2000 (March) by Michael Pennington and Simon Crookall. Now let’s move on to the market expansion result.

Market expansion

 Market expansion

This is to let you know about the growth of Gumtree. This can give you an assurance to move on with Gumtree.

It was UK’s largest website for the local community. It was expanded internationally beyond the UK which include:

On September 2004: Launched a site in Warsaw, Poland.

On May 2005: Launched a site in Berlin, Germany.

On June 2005: Expanded to Italy with the sites in Rome and Milan and had increased its coverage across 31 cities.

On August 2007: It was expanded to the United States.

So, let’s see how to boost up your sales

For this, I would like to introduce you to the tool which will for sure prove to be beneficial for your sales purpose. This tool has a throng of features which can make your work, boost up. For this, you just need to subscribe to GumtreeDominator. And can feel the changes in your business. Let’s go through the features description one by one.

Gumtree Scraper

Search by Selected Items

This feature allows you choose the search, option by selecting the items. For this, you need to choose the state and accordingly the city. Then you need to select the campaign.

Also, you are able to edit the campaign from the option of edit (for this can refer the below screenshot).

Either, you can delete if not required.

Then mention the day wise filter, allow the proxy if required. Click on start.

Also, can move on to the option of search by keyword. Just you will mention the keyword which you need to search then select the category and the location, browse. Now you are ready to click on start.
Search by keyword

If you are going for the option of Australia, then also you need to perform the same procedure and when you are done click on start.

You can also use the feature to scrape the data.

Gumtree Scraping Data

This feature will allow you to scrape the data by mentioning the campaign name, category, URL and you will get all the required data. You can also find the option to add campaign or edit or else can delete.

Now the other important feature which can help a lot in your management task is the setting option.

Setting option

Proxy Setting

GumtreeDominator to Proxy Setting
For this, you need to mention all the private or public proxies that will further help in scraping process. This will help in safeguarding for long period of time.

Now moving on to the next feature which is Campaign Manager.

Campaign Manager

GumtreeDominator for Campaign Manager
This can help you in managing your campaign activities. Just mention the campaign, category, URL and you are able to get the information of your campaign. As you can observe above.


These were some of the feature of GumtreeDominator which can help in boosting up your sales. By the help of these features, you able, not only to manage your activities also can increase your sales.

You can go through various blogs of GumtreeDominator for more information on the same. I bet, marketing sales has no better place than this, as you are provided with various option of products to sell as well as to buy.

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